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VALID FROM 04-26-2021 TO 06-30-2021

  • Every order over 2,000€: We give away an iPad 2020 (32 GB) or a 500€ voucher
  • Every order over 3,000€: We give away an iPad 2020 (128 GB) or a 800€ voucher
  • Every order over 4,000€: We give away an iPhone 12 (128 GB) or a 1.200€ voucher
  • Every order over 5,000€: We give away an iPhone 12 (256 GB) or a 1.500€ voucher
  • Every order over 6,000€: We give away an iMac 21.5 (2.3 GHz) or a 1.800€ voucher
  1. No additional discount is included.
  2. Valid only on orders received from 04-26-2021 to 06-30-2021 both inclusive.
  3. Each client code will be counted independently, it is not allowed to participate by joining different client codes.
  4. The gift will be sent from 07-01-2021 to 07-16-2021 and if you choose the Voucher we will send it to you along with the order.
  5. The period of use of the Voucher: 07-01-2021 to 09-30-2021.
  6. The Voucher is applicable once and in a single order.
  7. Customers who want to change the memory capacity of the gift, must pay the difference according to the official website of the product.
  8. The invoices that participate in this promotion do not allow refunds.
  9. The right of final interpretation belongs to Tecnotemco S.L.
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